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Ontario Thrive is a non-partisan coalition of individuals and organizations coming together to ask our political parties and candidates for measurable commitments on gender equity. We want to see all parties and candidates put issues of justice, safety and access at the forefront of the Ontario provincial election.

Take Action 

First: Register to Vote.

Make sure to register to vote on Ontario Election Day June 7th. 

Second: Get Involved.

Whether you’re part of an organization, or an individual, you can take action this election to ensure that issues of safety, access to justice, and equity are centred in this election.

Here are three ways to get involved to ensure that Ontario Thrives:

Volunteer for a campaign

If you’ve met a candidate that you like, and who is aligned to your point of view, why not rise up, and chip in, with your time?

All candidates have an online presence, so contact them to say you’re willing to volunteer. It helps everyone to know how much you’re willing to do though, so make sure you're transparent with the kind of commitment you can give to the candidate.

Reminder it's okay (and necessary!) to have boundaries when volunteering. Young Women's Leadership Network has some great resources about consent, safety and addressing harassment when volunteering for political parties here.

Host an Event

Gather with friends or an organization to host a event be it with your local candidate at your home, a gathering of friends to talk about what's at stake or a debate at your community centre.

  • Make sure to send the invite out weeks in advance so that as many candidates as possible can attend.

  • Have a strong theme - we suggest gender equality.

  • Secure a location that is accessible; it could be in your local community centre, home or place of worship. 

  • Have a communications plan for pre, during, and post event.

  • Have discussions on social media using the hashtag #ontariothrive.

Ask a Candidate

Whether you plan on attending a debate, joining a twitter chat, or candidates are starting to come to your door, it helps to do a bit of prep work ahead of time so you get your point across.

  • Do your research on the topic, and where each party stands on the issue.
  • Mind the time: By the time a Q&A starts, candidates and the audience have been there for a while. Word your question so it’s brief, but still has an impact.

  • Challenge your local provincial candidate to take the Ontario Thrive survey to find out where they stand on issues of gender equity. There's an email template below you can use to craft this challenge.

  • Sign the petition by YWCA's in Ontario to send your local representative a feminist pre-election message. Sign the YWCA petition here.

  • Take a breath: public speaking isn’t for everyone. It may help to take a moment to make sure you feel grounded.

Can’t think of a question for a candidate? We've got some for you.

What's AT Stake This Ontario Election 

 Illustration. Five women with 12 illustrations circling around them. In the circles are: beaded flower, hands, bus, passport,  scale, heart, house, money, bottle, university, book and briefcase. The image portrays that all issues are connected.

Safety, Community Health, Transit, Childcare, Access to Justice, #TimesUp and #MeToo. Each one of these issues needs attention and action in the Ontario provincial election - and all of these issues are connected to one another. Let’s address them together, so everyone in Ontario can thrive.

Here are the issues we think should be at the forefront of this election. 

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health & Physical education Curriculum

For Ontario to Thrive we need the continuation and implementation of Ontario’s updated Health and Physical Education Curriculum, which includes information about equitable, safe relationships and consent.

 Illustration of briefcase.

safety at work

For Ontario to Thrive we need workplaces that are safer for everyone including survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence.

 Illustration of University building. 

Campus Sexual Violence

For Ontario to Thrive we need to continue to address sexual violence on post-secondary campuses.

 Illustration of beaded flower. 

gender based violence

For Ontario to Thrive we need to work towards ending gender based violence including creating sustainable core funding for the Violence Against Women sector and the implementation of the Gender Based Violence strategy.


 Illustration of baby bottle.

child care

For Ontario to Thrive we need universal access to high quality, affordable child care for all who want it through the continuation of Ontario’s Five-Year Action Plan (2017). 

 Illustration of money.

Minimum WAGE

For Ontario to Thrive we need to continue with the plan for the $15 minimum raise on January 1st 2019 and the annual cost of living adjustments that will resume thereafter.

 Illustration of house.


For Ontario to Thrive we need to continue to fund Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy, recognizing the deep connection between survivors’ right to live free from violence and access to a range of adequate housing options.

 Illustration of hand reaching out to heart. 

End Violence Against INDIGENOUS girls and women

For Ontario to Thrive we need to continue to implement and support Walking Together: Ontario’s Long-term Strategy to End Violence Against Indigenous Women and other related and subsequent initiatives.

 Illustration of scale with equal weight.

acCess to legal systems

For Ontario to Thrive we need to overhaul current family and criminal legal supports available so that survivors/victims get access to the legal resources they need, regardless of their financial situation.

 Illustration of passport with world on front. 

access without fear

For Ontario to Thrive we need to implement an Access Without Fear policy that protects people with precarious immigration status facing gender based violence who need to access police and other supports without fearing of immigration reprisals.

 Illustration of bus on road.


For Ontario to Thrive we need an increase to transit funding, especially in identified “transit deserts”, to increase safety, ensure accessibility and improve commute times.

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For Ontario to Thrive we need to support and resource Ontario's Anti-Racism Directorate.



For Ontario to Thrive we need income security measures (i.e. minimum income standards, housing benefits, income support for children, working income tax benefit, core health benefits)  that actively take into account gendered poverty. 



For Ontario to Thrive we need consistent access to reproductive and sexual health services.  

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Is Your Local Candidate going to address issues of Safety, Access and Justice? 

Ontario Thrive challenges all provincial candidates to fill out our short survey so we can learn about where they stand on issues of gender based violence and equity. The results will be posted here by May 23rd, 2018.


If you are an Ontario candidate you can find the survey here. 

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Community Members

If you are a community member, we have an email template you can send your local provincial candidates urging them to share where they stand on issues of gender equity. Find it below:

Dear X provincial candidate,

My name is X and I live in X. You are one of the candidates I am considering voting for in the upcoming provincial election. Before I make my decision I want to know how you are going to address issues of safety, access and justice when in office. 

I am supporting Ontario Thrive's challenge to candidates to fill out a short survey about your commitments to gender equality. The survey is going out to all provincial parties and candidates; the results will be shared as of May 23rd, 2018. You can learn more about the challenge and fill in the survey at

I hope you will take up this challenge and share how you will make Ontario Thrive!




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We also have a great list of experts on issues of gender equity and the Ontario election. Happy to share!


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